Data are key to our modern technical world, and an organization’s ability to collect, manage, provide access to, secure, and exploit its scientific and technical (S&T) data is critical to success in our highly competitive international world. Today, database management technology is readily available, and the Web is a tool for easy access. Many organizations, however, do not have the skills to plan effectively to take advantage of either technology, often because S&T data present challenges quite different form other types of information.

R&R Data Services brings more than 35 years of highly successful experience in planning and implementing S&T data activities. Our skills include:

  • Identifying collection, management, and access requirements
  • Updating existing requirements to reflect changed circumstances
  • Designing data flow processes
  • Defining metadata requirements and designing their solutions
  • Developing data reporting standards
  • Instituting and performing data quality programs
  • Planning and implementing integration of diverse data resources
  • Reviewing existing systems and upgrade plans
  • Developing data access protocols
  • Protecting IPR for S&T data
  • Assessing national and international data programs

Current projects focus on establishing up-to-date requirements for building, accessing, and standardizing materials data, working for U.S. government clients and international organizations. Our work includes assessing similar data programs in other countries.

Our partnerships allow us to bring full service solutions to organizations with small and large data needs. R&R is able to provide these services on either a consulting basis or as a full-service organization. If it has to do with S&T data, we do it.