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Stephen Freiman

John_RumbleA Dr. Stephen Freiman is a well-known materials scientist who has specialized in multi-faceted programs for ceramics, nanotechnology, and materials data. Freiman has also been a leading researcher on the theory and practice of fracture mechanics of brittle materials, including glasses and advanced ceramics. He is an experienced executive with considerable expertise in strategic planning for scientific and technical organizations.

Freiman brings to R&R Data customers decades of experience in conceiving, designing, implementing, and managing a wide variety of programs related to materials and nanotechnology research and data systems. As member of Boards of Directors of numerous organizations, Dr. Freiman is skilled at helping to develop consensus and providing programmatic reviews that lead to positive change and visible improvements.

Prior to his leaving National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in 2006 to start a consulting business (Freiman Consulting Inc.), Dr. Freiman was a member of the Federal Senior Executive Service and served for four years as Deputy Director of the Materials Science and Engineering. From 1992 to 2002 he served as Chief of the Ceramics Division at NIST. Dr. Freiman has also served as both President and Treasurer of the American Ceramic Society, as well as Chair of the Glass and Optical Materials Division and the Program and Meetings Committee. He is a Fellow and Distinguished Life Member of the American Ceramic Society.

Dr. Freiman has published over 200 papers focusing on the mechanical properties of brittle materials. He was the first Chairman of the ASTM Subcommittee addressing brittle fracture and a past Chair of the VAMAS (Versailles Group on Advanced Materials and Standards) Steering Committee.

Freiman graduated from the Georgia Institute of Technology with a B.ChE. and a
M. S. in Metallurgy. After receiving a Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering from the University of Florida in 1968, Dr. Freiman worked at the IIT Research Institute and the Naval Research Laboratory. He joined NIST (then NBS) in 1978.