Many companies offer a wide variety of standardized training for managers, but R&R offers two specialized training services aligned with today’s demanding business environment:

  • Executive one-on-one training designed to prepare a new executive for her or his responsibilities Organization structure and change
  • Team-building for executives and middle-managers of small organizations that have been too busy growing to have developed the team persona necessary for success.

One-on-one executive training, often called coaching, can be critical in transforming potential into performance. New executives, especially in small companies, who have been promoted because of their success as program managers, division leaders, or middle-management, often are at a loss in tackling the problems that all executives must face: making decisions with less than adequate data, taking a broad view, choosing between competing choices of equal value, and overcoming prejudices developed because of prior experience as a program advocate.

R&R Data Services can set up short-term and long-term one-on-one executive training programs designed to help companies reap the maximum benefits from a new executive. We work closely with CEOs, COOs, and company presidents to identify the skills a new executive must improve and then work with that executive on an individual basis to achieve improvement. Programs can be designed to proceed on a phased-basis, with emphasis placed on new areas over an agreed upon period, usually two months.

Team building is often a challenge for small companies so busy growing that executives and managers have not had the chance to become the kind of team necessary for long term success. We have been successful in using small study groups to examine key management issues meeting once a month for six to twelve months to develop an internal dedication to working as a team. Teamwork can come only from individual commitment, not external forces. R&R Data Services can provide a structured approach in which the participants actively develop the necessary dedication to making a team work.

Both our executive one-on-one training and team building programs are designed and executed without being trapped by internal organization politics, a necessary factor for success. Talk to us to find out how R&R can help your people become even better than they are now.