Since 2011, R&R Data Services has provided management consulting services to many organizations, including small and large businesses and small and large non-profits agencies and societies. Some of our efforts are described below. More details are available as we can work with you to design management services specific to your situation.

Strategic Planning: Small – Medium Enterprises

R&R Data has provided planning expertise to a successful small business (about $20M annual revenue) in the federal contracting space. The focus of our effort was to provide an independent view of strategic plans and new markets as the COO worked with senior managers to move into new markets.

Strategic Planning: Non-Profits

We have facilitated strategic planning for non-profit groups such as scientific societies and local service organizations. Dr. Rumble has brought his management experience into the volunteer arena to help such organizations identify worthy and achievable goals and establish actionable plans for success. In some ways, non-profit service organizations must plan even more carefully and effectively than for-profit organizations because of fundraising challenges and changing service requirements. Dr. Rumble has recently led planning for the Board of a major local non-profit as it moved into new services. The resulting plan has gained wide respect and acceptance by political and donor leaders leading to organizational expansion.

Building Effective Oversight Boards: Non-profits

As Board Chair of a major local volunteer service organization, D. Rumble worked with the organization’s senior management to rebuild the Board of Directors in support of a new strategic plan. Successful leaders from industry, academia, and services organizations were recruited and molded into a cohesive Board designed to take the organization to the next level of effectiveness.

Training for Senior Executives

Even natural leaders need coaching and training. R&R Data Services President John Rumble has provided on-on-one coaching to leaders of non-profits, for-profits, and volunteers organizations. Dr. Rumble focuses on self-identification of weaknesses and personal development programs.

Middle Manager Training

Small organizations often face significant challenges as they grow and require middle managers for project management and staff leadership. Growing in-house talent to become successful new managers is critical to expanding organizations. Building on successful programs they developed in government and industry, R&R Data has worked with expanding non-profits and businesses to increase the management and collaboration skills of new middle managers. Our program emphasizes self-development, positive feedback, and situational awareness. It is adaptable to any size organization; all that is required is willing participants.

Career Training for Students

As a scientist whose career has primarily been in government research labs or industry, Dr. Rumble often shares his experiences with physics and other science students about non-academic careers. He has instituted such sessions at national and local meetings of the American Physical Society, often with more than 300 attendees. During these sessions, he and other speakers have talked about their experiences in finding jobs in industry, doing interviews, and having successful careers outside academia. These sessions feature question and answer sessions that allow students to get solid information about concerns they have. Dr. Rumble holds similar sessions at universities where he give seminars.

Career Planning in Science Programs

  • American Physical Society Meeting March 2014 and 2015
  • Texas Section American Physical Society September 2013
  • Southeast Section American Physical Society March 2014
  • Hampton University Summer Program June 2014


Executive Director Recruiting

During 2103-2014, R&R Data Services President John Rumble led a successful international search for a new Executive Director of a major international scientific organization located in Europe. He organized an international recruiting campaign, personally screened all submitted resumes, and arranged in-depth preliminary interviews with the organization’s officers. He then arranged final in-person interviews and facilitated the final selection and offer process.