R&R Data Services continues to provide high quality, state-of-the-art services related to scientific and technical data. Brief summaries of some of our projects are given below. Contact us for further details and how we can help you ensure your S&T data are fully exploited.

Handbook of Chemistry and Physics

R&R Data has received a three year contract to have John Rumble become the new Editor-in-Chief of the CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics (https://www.crcpress.com/CRC-Handbook-of-Chemistry-and-Physics-97th-Edition/Haynes/p/book/9781498754286) Now in its 97th edition, the Handbook remains the most valuable single source for high quality chemistry and physics data.

Assessment of International S&T Data Resources

The first major assessment of the availability and quality of ceramic property data on an international scale. Over 100 resources were identified and analyzed in terms of scope and currency of coverage, cost, and ease of access. In-person interviews were held with ceramic data managers in China, Japan, and Korea. A two-day workshop brought together data suppliers and users in the United States. Results were used as part of market survey for potential web-based data services. The final report was made available to the general public http://ceramics.org/knowledge-center/ceramic-resource-center/e-ceramics-2012-the-availability-quality-and-location-of-ceramic-property-data

Data Exchange Technologies

R&R Data provided a senior technical expertise on materials data standards to the CEN (European Standardization Organization) Workshop of Standards for the Electronic Reporting in the Engineering Sector (CEN/WS-SERES). This two year project reviewed existing exchange methodologies and proposed a harmonized approach to the description of materials. CEN/WS SERES also provided an in-depth review of European and international standards committees involved in materials specifications and testing. One key feature of the work was the close collaboration with industry to validate proposed exchange technologies. The final report is available at ftp://ftp.cencenelec.eu/CEN/WhatWeDo/Fields/ICT/eBusiness/WS/SERES/CWA_16762_2014_SERES.pdf Dr. John Rumble has recently published a summary paper from the project about materials description system. Dr. Rumble is also member of a newly established CEN Workshop on the exchange and management of fatigue test data.


In 2012, Dr. Rumble was asked by CODATA (www.coadata.org) and ICSU (www.icsu.org) to lead a multi-disciplinary, international project on nanomaterials data. After building a Working Group with experts from more than 13 disciplines (as provided by international scientific unions) and holding six international workshops, the CODATA WG has produced a Uniform Description System for nanomaterials. Details are available at www.codata.org/nanomaterials

R&R Data is also providing nanoinformatics expertise to the EU Future Nano Needs project http://www.futurenanoneeds.eu/. This project is helping to build a framework to respond to regulatory needs of new nanomaterials and markets. Working with CODATA, R&R Data is providing expertise in developing new approaches to categorisation schemes for nanomaterials as well as in organizing meetings to achieve an international consensus on these schemes.

Scientific Data Workshops

R&R Data staff are accomplished meeting organizers, especially of high-impact, focused workshops intended to produce actions, not just reports. During last four years, we have organized successful workshops, conferences, and conference sessions for the U.S. government, professional societies, and international scientific organizations in places as diverse as Washington, Paris, the Netherlands, Montreal, and Beijing. We write the prospectus, set up agendas, identify and invite speakers, locate and make arrangement for venues, breaks, meals, and accommodations, handle registration and fees, and prepare workshop materials. When requested, we also prepare and publish workshop reports.


During the past four years, Dr. Rumble has written and published numerous scientific articles, papers, and reports, including the following.

ICT Standards in Support of an eReporting Framework for the Engineering Materials Sector, CWA 16762:2014 (E).   ftp://ftp.cencenelec.eu/CEN/WhatWeDo/Fields/ICT/eBusiness/WS/SERES/CWA_16762_2014_SERES.pdf

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