Resume ServicesIndividuals looking for jobs often get trapped into packaging themselves for their last job, rather than their next job. R&R will work with you as an individual to understand what your capabilities, strengths, and experience really are and then help you prepare effective, successful resumes. We also work with you to tailor your resume and cover letters to specific employment opportunities. We can help you get started and let you go from there, and we can work with you throughout the job hunting process, even helping to evaluate specific opportunities as they might relate to you. Looking for a job, especially if you are unemployed, is a daunting and draining procedure, and R&R experts can help you overcome the inevitable challenges and barriers. Contact us for more information.

Comments from satisfied customers reflect the value R&R brings to resumes.

“R&R resume experts have a practiced eye and a wealth of experience in evaluating people’s credentials. Every one of their suggestions was spot on. The result was a concise, appealing resume that is so much better than my old ‘by-the-book’ CV.”

“R&R Data Services transformed my resume from one focused on applying for my last job to one focused on selling me for my next job”

“They taught me how to emphasize my accomplishments, not my responsibilities. Now prospective employers immediately see my capabilities.”