Scientific and Data Science talks

Dr. Rumble has long been an innovator in the use of computers with scientific and technical data and frequently gives invited lectures at universities and international conferences on subject such as the impact of the information revolution on scientific discovery, integrating materials data into engineering software systems, and nanoinformatics. Over the past four years, he has given such talks in the United States, Canada, Europe, China, and Japan. Recent talks include:

Data Science and Scientific Discovery: New Approaches to Nature’s Complexity
DC Data Science May 2012
George Mason University February 2014
American University March 2016

Big Data in the Physical Sciences
Beijing June 2014

Thoughts on Data Completeness and Quality
Duke University October 2014

Thoughts on Reproducibility
Nanoinformatics Working Group December 2014

Planning Data Activities and Building Communities of Stakeholders
CODATA Data Science School Beijing June 2014

Nanoinformatics and Materials Informatics

Describing Nanomaterials: A Uniform Description System for Nanomaterials
CODATA International Conference October 2012
Philadelphia October 2013
American Physical Society Meeting March 2014
Paris June 2014
World Food Congress Montreal August 2014
Beijing September 2014
Rockville MD June 2105
Maastricht Netherlands July 2015

Materials Databases and Data Standards: A Status Report
Beijing April 2012
National Science Foundation August 2012
NIST-NIMS Materials Database Workshop May 2013
ASTM Materials Database Workshop November 2013

Describing Nanomaterials: Meeting the Needs of Diverse Communities
Paris January 2013
Asian Materials Data Symposium Okinawa Japan April 2012

Ceramics Data in Asia: A Review of Approaches
E-Ceramics 2012 Arlington VA June 2012

Career Planning

Career Planning in Science
American Physical Society Meeting March 2014 and 2015
Texas Section American Physical Society September 2013
Southeast Section American Physical Society March 2014
Hampton University Summer Program June 2014